Covid-19 Business Update

In order to comply with recommended “social distancing” standards we will be modifying our business practices at 1st Liberty Firearms. Please know, we are NOT shut down, at this time we will continue to conduct business! Any changes will be posted here.

As of Wednesday, March 25, 2020 our store/offices will be closed to foot traffic until further notice. All business will be conducted by the following rules and schedule.

Pending Background Checks

If you have a background check that is waiting approval, we appreciate your patience. We will call you as soon as the background has been completed. If you have not heard from us, your background is not yet complete. When we call you we will let you know specific times/days you can come and pick up your firearm. Please do not come outside these times as we will not be open to foot traffic.

New Purchases

If you would like to purchase a firearm you may still do so through our web store at or you may purchase directly from our in store inventory by calling our office number. We still have a good selection of handguns, as well as some shotguns and rifles.

New Background Checks

If you have purchased a firearm from either our web store or our brick and mortar and you need to complete a background check, we will contact you to set up a time for you to fill out your paperwork. If we have not contacted you within 24 hours of your purchase, please contact Tammy at the office number.


If you have purchased a firearm through a third party and are having the gun shipped to us or transferred through us, please call to make an appointment to fill out your background paperwork.


Please know we appreciate your business. We are still here to help to the best of our abilities. Currently ALL business will require an appointment. Please do not show up at the store/offices without an appointment – we hate to turn you away, but in order to protect our employees, their families and the public, we will turn you away if you do not have an appointment.

Contact Us

Office: 303-942-0598 The volume of calls is quite high, we ask your patience in trying to reach us. If your call is not answered, please leave a message, try back or email Tammy with your inquiry.

Email: [email protected] If you are having difficulty reaching us by phone, please email Tammy with any questions.